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Color Tablets Box 3


    Color Box 3 is a sensorial material. It consists of 9 sets of Color Tablets (63 tablets in total) with the colors in gradient: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, brown, gray that includes black and white.


    The main purposes of this material are:

    • Provide the child with the key to orient himself in the world of colors.
    • To refine the color sense.
    • For art preparation.

    Age: 3 1/2 - 4

    This 31 pages printable PDF contains:

    • Instructions of how to work with the material.
    • Printable Color Tablets.
    • Printable coloring pages of Color Tablets.
    • Practice of identification of colors (lightest -darkest).
    • DIY Color Tablets with Foam handles (tutorial).


    These printable tablets can be a great material for those using Montessori at home. They are also convenient if you work on a budget or if there is not enough space.


    Just print, cut and enjoy. All learning resources can be printed in regular A4 sheets of paper with a thickness of at least 100 gsm. We also recommend printing our resources on a nice card stock. For more durability of the resources, laminating the materials could be a great option. The colors of the tablets may differ after print due to the printer, ink, or paper used.
    You are free to print the resources as many times as you want to use in your home or classroom. 


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    Due to the digital nature of the learning resources, we are unable to offer refunds.