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Parental guidance


We offer guidance, support, and encouragement to parents who are interested in understanding and embracing the Montessori method into their family.


We provide parents with the tools, that will give them the knowledge and confidence while raising their little ones. Parents will gain new techniques and strategies to implement in their daily life, helping them to create a "prepared adult" to face the challenges of childhood. ​

Some of the topics we work with parents are:

  • Discipline in a positive way.

  • How to create a prepared environment for children.

  • How to become a "prepared adult".

  • Routines, best option for children. 

  • Toilet training.

  • The importance of sleep and balanced nutrition​​.

How does it work? 

Well, we know parents have different needs, so we have three different ways to connect with them: face to face, phone call, or video call.

Sessions are 60 min long to discuss the issue or concern about your child development.

If you would like to discuss a different topic, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help​.

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If you would like to get this service,

please contact us for more info.  



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