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Montessori sessions



The Montessori sessions are bilingual (English - Spanish). They are an opportunity for children to learn and discover their potentials while exploring and manipulating different concrete materials.

The Montessori sessions are designed for children ages 2 to 6 years old.

There are the four areas in a Montessori environment: 


- Practical life

These exercises develop your child's coordination of movement,  independence, and concentration. Through imitation, children refine and perfect their skills while they explore the world around them, becoming active thinkers. 

- Sensorial

The sensorial exercises allow your child to refine each of the 5 senses. Experiencing these materials, your child will learn abstract concepts in a concrete manner such as weight, size, texture, shape, temperature, etc.


- Language

This area aims to help your child to develop his own personality. Language is the tool we use to express our feelings or what we think. Through the language activities your child will gain vocabulary and learn the ability to recognize letters, identify sounds, and eventually write and read.


We know that children have an incredible interest in the world around them, for that reason, throughout Language extensions materials they will gain knowledge in Geography, Biology, History, and Science. These activities will foster your child's respect and appreciation for the world, learn the concept of time, and the importance of the relationship between plants, animals, insects, and people that live on our planet.


- Mathematics

The mathematical activities help your child to organize and understand patterns, quantities, and sequencing. Through these exercises, your child learns to recognize, write numbers, and understand that everything around us is related to numbers.

We offer sessions year around. 



Extended care

If you would like to get this service,

please contact us for more info.  

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